God On The Move


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"It was like watching a dream become reality" Carl said as we were processing our 4 weeks of family retreats in Cuba. Having the opportunity to invite Cuban church leaders and their families away from 'their normal' for several days was amazing.

Family Retreats in Cuba - one of the groups :-)

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Watching them unwind more and more each day.
Fellowship around the 'table' that God provided every day.
Enjoying good company with others in ministry.

Moments of deep laughter, games and puzzles.
Times of honesty, accountability, needed conversations & prayer.


Uninterrupted quality time with their children.
Filling their kids "tanks" so to speak.
Special moments to just "be" with their spouses.


Take a moment to hear Usiel's personal words about how he and his wife were encouraged during this retreat.  What a privilege to come alongside and serve these Cuban servants who are being used mightily for kingdom purposes.

We pray this will be the first of many more times of rest, refreshment and reset with the end goal of strengthening and encouraging families and leaders in life and ministry.




Your prayers and support help bring transformation in Cuba. After much love and care in the midst of suffering and loss, church planters Luis and Zule are overjoyed to see Ismaray (lady with face mask pulled down), put her faith in Jesus. What makes this such a miracle is that Ismaray & her husband were actively involved in the Santeria religion.
These are the powerful words she wrote several days after her conversion.

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“I have been feeling this emotion inside for days. I didn’t think I would feel so happy. Thank you Zule for lighting the way to Christ, now my Savior who suffered for my sins. Jesus for me now is love and peace, so much peace. How much I needed that! You have no idea how much the love of Christ is at work in me.”

Continue to pray for her husband Eddy, who is really searching for the Truth.


God has given us the opportunity to return to Nicaragua in May and we are so thrilled. We are so grateful for the opportunity to visit and reconnect with pastors & community leaders, some of whom many of you have prayed for and come to love over the years.

What makes this trip particularly special is Kathy has been asked to speak at a 3-day Women’s Retreat and we will be blessed to have our son Jared & his family, along with several worship leaders from his church, coming with us to lead the worship for this weekend. We are excited to see what God will do in the lives of these 80 women - in all our lives actually.


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  • 1 With Cuban Religious Visas in hand, we got to move around and meet with pastoral families with incredible freedom.
  • 2 Each invited family was able to come, relax and be refreshed at the retreats.
  • 3 For Ismaray’s newfound faith and joy in Jesus.


  • 1 Pray for God’s Spirit to move powerfully in the lives of all the women attending the Conference in Nicaragua.
  • 2 Pray for travel and border crossings between Costa Rica and Nicaragua - covid has made things difficult.
  • 3 Pray for boundaries and much needed rhythms and rest for the Cuban leaders.
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God is faithfully working in lives, drawing people to Himself...
Grace to you all,
Carl and Kathy