Population: Approximately 11.26 million

Language: Spanish

Interesting Comparison of Size and Population: Cuba has 42,804 square miles, and a population of 11.26 million. Meanwhile New Zealand has 103,519 square miles, and a much smaller population of 4.5 million
Communications still struggling in comparison to world standards:

Registered Telephones: 1.104 million (2008)

Cell Phone Usage: 331,700 (2008)

Literacy rate in youth: Can boast of 100%

Is Cuba Religious in any way?

The Catholic Church estimates 6% of the Cuban population regularly attend mass. According to CSW (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) about 12-15% are actively involved in Evangelical denominations.
A large proportion of the population (up to 80 per cent) have some involvement in non-Christian Afro-Cuban traditional religious groups, commonly known as Santeria.

Growth of Gospel in Cuba:

Example of dynamic growth in the Cuban Baptist Church
- In 1960, 210 Traditional Churches.
- In 1990, 238 Traditional Churches & 1722 House Churches.
- In 2014, 997 Traditional Churches & 6454 House Churches and still growing.