It was like going home

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It took no time at all for us to feel like we were "home"  when we were in Nicaragua last month.  The beauty, bird sounds, 5:30 sunrise, dear friends, heat, torrential rains and so much more all welcomed us wonderfully back to what was life and ministry for our family for 19 years.  Here are a few of the highlights.

mftm nicaragua womans retreat




It was 3 days of rest, relaxation, and total joy for the 80 women who came from all  over the country. Unable to gather for 2-years due to covid, they came with thirsty souls and ready hearts.
It was a huge honor for Kathy to speak in the sessions and a mother's joy to have  our son Jared, Olivia, and the worship team from his church, ministering together right alongside her.



During our time in Nicaragua Kathy and I were blessed to sit with and listen to so many of our friends and Nicaraguan ministry partners. God has been faithful in their lives, doing the miraculous for so many of them in the face of challenges and heartaches.

The transforming work of the gospel ... men who 15 years ago were part of a street gang, now pastoring and serving with their families in the Kingdom of God.



The moments come when Kathy and I ask ourselves, “Why us?” “Who are we to lead such a ministry?” But then we look back over the past few years and see how the Lord has been putting all the pieces together. Our bathroom mirror has been a "whiteboard" so to speak ... an ongoing testimony of all that God has said, reaffirming that He is not only leading us in this, but also providing others to join in this adventure.
Birthed out of our own awareness and need for soul care and debriefing (after many years serving cross culturally) God is inviting us to join Him in providing a “place of rest”, right here in Chattanooga, for missionaries who serve cross culturally.  A place that can provide a 'pause' and give room for rest, refreshment and a healthy reset.  We hope to create spaces for missionaries to unpack the realities of cross cultural living and provide tools through debriefing, to help on their journey towards living and leading from a healthy soul.
Beginning of the Rest’s heartbeat is
“Rest for your soul, for the rest of your journey”

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Beginning of the Rest is an addition to our ongoing ministry in Cuba with Caribbean Ministries (that hasn't changed).
We ask you to continue to graciously pray and give to us throughCMA in support of the beautiful work with church leaders in Cuba. Would you also prayerfully consider how you, your friends, your church, & others who are passionate about missionary care, might be able to jump in and get behind this place of rest.It willtake a big and beautiful team to join us to do this ministry well.God is already at work in big ways with the long term lease of 35 acres and a home that is being totally remodeled as you read this.  See pics below

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The remodel has been graciously donated by a ministry partner, but initial outfitting of this home with furniture, furnishings, large appliances, bedding, outside playground, toys, and all that will be needed to begin to serve these families will run approximately $25,000.

Beginning Of The Rest has been approved as a 501(c) 3 non-profit and is able to receive tax-deductible donations.

These are exciting times, and we can't wait to see how God will care for His precious servants.