Fresh Perspective

Fresh perspective on church leaders hardships and challenges,
and how you can specifically join with us in prayer.

Much to their great delight

The impact of Covid still has cities all across Cuba facing measures and restrictions of all types. The church has been unable to gather. It was touch and go as to whether the next training course for leaders was going to take place. Thankfully the Lord provided an out of ordinary space and opportunity for this special gathering to happen. Listen to what happened in this short video:

Child-like Obedience and Faith

Remember the generosity & sacrifice of the 4th grade girl we mentioned in our last newsletter?  It was a good one right?  ... well, it gets even better.  Little did we know that about the same time God was speaking to this young 4th grader in the United States, He was also seeing "faith" in the life of another little one in Cuba.

Brianna, the youngest daughter of a pastoring family in a small rural town had asked her parents for a mermaid doll for her 6th birthday.  With the economic crisis going on in Cuba, these parents recognized that this was not doable from their end.  Brianna's mother remembered a "missionary story" she had read about God's amazing provision of a doll to a young girl in India, and so she shared this story with Brianna telling her - "that only God could make this possible" - and encouraged her in faith to pray - affirming that God cares about our desires.  And that is exactly what Brianna began to do - she started asking God for a mermaid doll. 

Unbeknownst to us, we arrive into their small town the day before Brianna's birthday, to visit with her family, and hand over a bag off all sorts of supplies:  shampoo, laundry detergent, deodorant, antibiotics, medicines, coffee, children's vitamins, vegetable seeds, books etc ... a there in the bottom of the of the bag was the 4th grade girl's mermaid barbie doll.    You can imagine the shouting and screaming, and disbelief.  A powerful moment for all of us as we recounted how one child heard God and obeyed and other child asked God and believed.  Our faith in God and His goodness was strengthened that day.  He is so into all the details.

Actively Resting in the Delays of Life ....

Twice now we have had our confirmed March & April airline tickets cancelled for later dates. Cuba continues to reduce the number of flights they are allowing in due to an increase in Covid cases.

We have felt the frustration and dissapointment of these changes.   But at the root of that “Why God?” question, is a deep and solid “We trust you God!”.  Pray for believers in Cuba and us, that our confidence in God will remain firm - His plans and timing are perfect.  We continue to equip, encourage and enable the church leaders in Cuba - strengthening the Church as they reach their people.