Generosity Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Generosity Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

How about a 4th grade “size and shape” ????  We have been blown away by several 4th grade classes from Silverdale Baptist Academy that regularly pray and ask about God at work in Cuba!  One of the students mentioned to her teacher that she hadn’t bought a valentines gift for her this year … and the reason???  She thought it was best to give something to those who truly had a need – the Cuban people …. as the teacher opened the rather large gift bag … she found cans of food, bars of soap and all of her barbie dolls – “because even the Cuban kids need something to make them smile”. We loved hearing how God used this teacher to invest richly into her class about listening to God and following Him when He leads.  Sometimes its the “5 loaves and 2 fishes” of a child that wins our hearts and inspires us to be more available and opened handed in generosity as God shows us the needs around us.

God certainly has been using His entire body – not just through 4th grade classes, but through churches, business men, couples and individuals – the sacrificial giving toward monthly support for Cuban pastoral families, leadership training and ministries in Cuba has been miraculous.

Encouraged through Zoom

“Zooming” a missions conference????  Absolutely!!!! 

Even amongst all the changes and challenges local churches are facing, we have loved loved loved that they are still prioritizing the importance of their members to be living “GLOCALLY” on Mission – (both locally and globally). It has been a huge blessing and privilege for Kathy and I to have been able to “virtually” participate in several missions conferences.

Getting to share with others about God’s growing Gospel work in Cuba has been a real privilege. To have the opportunity to challenge believers to stand with their Cuban brothers and sisters in prayer during these days of economic crisis has been life giving.

A Gospel Outreach & Deeds of Mercy
Unhindered by COVID-19

The struggle of providing basic food and hygiene needs for one’s family in Cuba continues to be alarmingly difficult, many of the pastors we know are reporting of the miracles of God that are continuing to take place. Miracles like the connection with new families and their desire to start a  new church plant in their home, or the Lord’s provision of food through the generosity of a church who began making 20 meals a day to care for the elderly who are stuck in their homes.  Another small church in a rural area is praising the Lord for recent advances of construction and the new meeting place of worship.  God is using His people in unprecedented ways even in these difficult times.

Pictures below: 
Church members gathering to supply food for the elderly, and then delivering it.
Church building completed enough to use for worship.

Actively Resting in the Delays of Life ….

Twice now we have had our confirmed March & April airline tickets cancelled for later dates. Cuba continues to reduce the number of flights they are allowing in due to an increase in Covid cases.

We have felt the frustration and dissapointment of these changes.   But at the root of that “Why God?” question, is a deep and solid “We trust you God!”.  Pray for believers in Cuba and us, that our confidence in God will remain firm – His plans and timing are perfect.  We continue to equip, encourage and enable the church leaders in Cuba – strengthening the Church as they reach their people.