Seeing God’s hand moment by moment

Words like JOY, THIRST, VISION, COMMUNITY, REVELATION, COMMITMENT, CITY OUTREACH barely begin to capture the excitement of the new thing (Isaiah 43:19) God is doing through the Mission for Restoration courses.

Quotes from students during class time:

“I’ve been living so long with the idea that the seed of the gospel is limited, picking and choosing where I sow, this idea of abundant unlimited seed has broken my heart and changed my way of viewing things.”

“To restore broken people, takes time … a lot of time.”

“I too have a dream for my people … we are so brainwashed with the theology of scarcity that we forget to dream … to pray … My heart breaks for my nation. We have to have a clear vision to look to how our nation can be redeemed and restored for the glory of God.”

In 2021, plans for not just one, but three courses are in progress. Amazingly, it will reach to even more leaders, churches, and cities across Cuba. (Below is a small glimpse into Decembers recent training workshop.)


Thankfully we have moments in life that are almost “picture perfect”. Like this photo of Luis and Zule and their precious family. As many of you know, this year has been disruptive, depressing at times, has brought hard realities, and a way more complicated life than a simple photo can capture. One of the main purposes of our recent trip to Cuba was to sit down in person with each family we partner with. We intentionally seek to create deep heartfelt conversation, where hard questions can be asked, the hurt is honored and the healing from God’s Spirit can work in hearts bringing restored peace, belovedness, hope and much stronger friendships.

Life in Cuba is harder than its been in a long time. One huge comfort for Cuban church leaders and their families is that they know we are right there with them in their journey. Your prayers, giving and partnering together with us has stretched across the miles to bless families and further God’s kingdom work.


When word got out about our Cuban trip in December and the desperate situation many families were facing, the donations began pouring in. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people (you know who you are) in providing everything from children’s vitamins & medicine, women’s hygiene products, laundry detergent, shampoo bars, toothpaste, dental supplies, christmas lights, and so much more. 

 One family creatively used these lights to decorate their amazing hand made Christmas tree. And what a great job they did!!!! Limited resources will never stop the celebration of the Hope Christ brings.


One truth I heard about Christmas this year that really hit home with me is that “Jesus was born in a manger not the Marriott”. (Nothing against the Marriott of course). But the idea was that God Gets It!!!! He not only understands all of this mess, tiredness and the “How can all this be a part of His plan” struggle we all have been living in this year. He actually chooses to enter it all and be with us “Emmanuel” – right in the thick of it.

Why do we mention this? Well, we can’t write this newsletter and mention all of the Glory of what God is doing in Cuba, without including the “messiness of the manger” as well. Cuba is in crisis right now and those few words are canyons apart from the heartache we felt as we saw and heard first hand of the struggle our brothers and sisters are facing day in and day out.

Below markets selling few items (lemon, eggplant, garlic)
One store only had water for sale …. it filled every shelf. Outside, people waiting in lines for hours to get in to see what few items might be available that day.

Right now, today, in your worship and giving of gifts, in your celebration of the Christ Child born in a manger, would you take a moment.  Stop and pray with us.  Pray for His Grace, Peace and Blessing to be with your brothers and sisters in Cuba.  

    • Prayer moves the hands of God and moulds our hearts to align with His. 
    • Prayer changes things, it will help change Cuba.  

Luke 2:10-12
And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.  And this will be a sign for you:  you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.