Still encouraged in Cuba

What keeps us going and praising God in Cuba

So often we ask you to pray about the needs for approval of religious visas to get into Cuba, or regarding the details about yet another training event for church leaders or conference for women. These matters are central and key in the ministry God has invited us, and others, to partner with in Cuba. The following photos show a glimpse of recent blessings God is pouring out in these areas.
Photos:  God providing religious visas, leaders unifying to transform their cities, Women of Joy conferences, one on one presenting the One who brings hope.

With that said, Kathy and I can tell you that  what really keep us going and glorifying God are the one on one encounters that God orchestrates – moments where He is gently drawing people to himself.

One example of these God moments happened after we had intentionally gone back to the same Airbnb  rental in Havana – asking God to allow us building respect and relationships with the workers. Then on this last visit, God gifted us with several of these “one on one” moments to listen to the heart and concerns of people, (just like Maylu in photo above) and then share the hope and forgiveness that comes in our intimate relationship with Jesus. Please pray that God will continue to speak into Maylu’s life.   Many times, it is God,  in the moments, just like these mentioned above,  that make going to Cuba so worth it!

 Please pray for these, and others that God is drawing to Himself. For those, still unsure of the good news of Jesus, that they would come to a full and clear understanding of His amazing gift, and for those who have accepted His life-giving grace – that they would continue to grow and walk with Him, and other believers God has placed around their lives.

God’s people are responding so generously in prayer and actions to the disaster that hit the Bahamas a few months ago. Although the hurricane took place months ago, its impact in many cases is still as horrifying as the first few days after the tragedy struck the islands.

The people of Abaco are slowly returning to their homes to face the daunting realities and challenges that will take months, if not years, to overcome.

Having had a chance to listen as they begin to pick up the pieces of their lives they commonly say that standing along is probably the hardest reality to bare.  Thankfully your help, through CMA, has helped alleviate or lighten that fear.
CMA has been able to send a small team each monthly to stand side by side with our Bahamian brothers and sisters in their efforts to clean up and rebuild their homes, churches and lives – practically a new beginning for everyone on the island.

Please continue to pray for so many families still seeking how to rebuild both emotionally & physically in Abaco.