Church leaders during pandemic

A Window into the world of Cuban church leaders

When asked what has been hard during this pandemic “Added to the shortages that already are part of our daily lives, life here has intensified, and the prices of products have sky-rocketed.  For example, toothpaste is currently being sold on the streets for between 7-10 CUC (USD $10), one third of the average monthly income.  It’s hard.”

Sharing a blessing:  “Social networks have  been the way, almost totally new for us, to be able to minister to the church.  Today we enjoy a page on Facebook, a WhatsApp group, an Instagram channel, where the believers receive daily devotionals, resources and church services.”

Sharing a difficulty: “The pandemic has generated a lot of anxiety within the family. Our girls have spent so much time at home without being able to leave the house to expend their energy. As adults we experience pressure from the responsibility of protecting our children and ourselves. The urgent need to leave home to look for basic food and provisions requires us to stand in long lines while leaving the girls alone at home.”

Seeing God: “My mother-in-law who lives far from us and alone, has gone through moments of depression due to the isolation, but we thank God she is doing much better. Even in the midst of this situation, we have had the opportunity to offer hope to some neighbors, to speak of God’s sovereignty and control in the midst of all situations – even these times.”

Seeing God in the middle of our fears: “We ventured to gather neighbors in our house for some needed community and a bible study, something we were afraid of. The Lord has brought over 20 neighbors, who live close and have never been interested before.  This has helped us to see even more how much work there is to do.”.