Who Said Work Couldn’t Be Fun?


God has worked & our lives have been blessed. Check it out!!

FROM VIOLENCE TO VOWS:  The first time we met Pedro he was the leader of a menacing street gang.  Ivania, his partner, suffered and endured hardship at his side, wherever they could find a room over their heads.  Now, many years later, God's grace has turned this couple's life (and family) upside down, from the inside out.  One moment that magnified this was when Kathy & I were "witnesses" to their wedding vows in their new home.  Truly God redeems.

16 Teenage Boys Make School Proud

Wesleyan High, from Atlanta, GA sent an awesome group this past Spring Break.  They might have suffered a bit of lost pride by not winning the soccer games that week against the Nicaraguans, but that was totally offset by all the other "wins" they made along the way.  Here is a list of their "wins":
Win - new appreciation of Nicaragua and the people.
Win - new friendships with other school mates and teachers.
Win - new found faith & witness - bolder than ever.
Win - new upgrades on Pastor Alvaro's family home, even learned to mix concrete.
Win - seeds of the gospel planted in lives of young and old in the communities.
Win - sharing faith in the Christian school where they served.
By the end of the week we had fallen in love with these guys and their teachers. Good job Wesleyan High.

Christ's love breaking all barriers.  Condega, Nicaragua


5 Churches joined this outreach effort, La Paz Centro, Nicaragua


Jairo, ex-gang member, telling the story of his transformed life in Christ.

Saul turns to Paul yet again ...

These "ex-street gang members" who used to cause "church goers" so much trouble, now pull together and lead a huge evangelistic youth event.  This has and always will be the power of the Gospel that transforms lives.  It was a high honor to stand with these men, as they shared and preached their love for Jesus before hundreds of people.  Their only desire, that other youth would come to know Him too.

Beating The Heat 96F/35C

It is not that often that these families are off work and school together, even rarer that they would get to leave town and head to a water park.  What a privilege we had to take a group of 45 (moms, their kids and a few dads) on an outing.  It sure did bring a lot of fun to all.  God was so blessed in their joy.
Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 12.57.17 PM

First time down a water slide.  Teens getting creative. Togetherness.