MAY 2016 – Returning from Cuba – Cuba seen from the surface

High-school students laugh & joke with each other and pour out of school gates onto busy streets. Old vintage cars, now used as taxi’s, fly around corners, jostling for the next customer and trying to beat the next traffic light – which if it turns red, will eat into their meager daily earnings.

But those going to encourage and equip church leadership get a peek at something a bit different. The thirst amongst the students for new and deeper ideas, the exhilaration of an always welcomed theological debate in the classroom. The amazing comment from the most unexpected student, who hits the nail on the head of the idea being conveyed in class, and even challenges it’s premise with a question that takes everyone to a much higher playing field of learning.

The hunger for learning and the opportunities for teaching abound. The questions that confront us, and our Mission now are where? when? with whom? and how can we best respond? All, of course, in a way that cultivates growth and stronger faith in the Cuban people as they reach out their country for Christ.


Preaching at a house church.


Youth Leaders.