JULY 2016 – Side By Side In Nicaragua

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There is an old saying that states “Never do for someone what they can do for themselves”.  In church work, many have adopted this way of thinking.  For us here in Nicaragua, we believe there is a third option.  One which, in our work here, we have found to be not only better but incredibly unifying and inspiring. This third option is that of working ‘side by side’ with people.

The last two months have primarily been taken up with work teams that have visited.  They come to love, learn, serve the Nicaraguan people and share their faith in Christ.  What often happens during these visits is priceless!  God in the midst of it all blesses, answers prayers and true to His nature does the unexpected and miraculous.   Faith is shared in spite of language barriers, hope is born, and hearts full of thankfulness for the smallest of things becomes contagious to all who witness it.   New ways of doing things are learned, friendships are formed and projects are completed.

 Most importantly, the unity and joy that comes from all of the above shines forth the clear and powerful message that Jesus is real, that He lives in us and that in Him we are one. Equally loved, forgiven, called and empowered to not only preach the good news of the Gospel, but to live it.

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Above:  Cultural Exchange between Nicaraguan and USA youth – games, visiting and praying in homes, getting to know one another, children’s crafts and story time.

Writing Bible verses on freshly made church benches, mixing cement the old fashioned way, watching the film “War Room” in rural community.

The Mosts 10

Discovering the volcano together.  First time even for many of our Nicaraguan friends.

The Mosts 11

Brave souls to tackle the zip line.  They loved it.