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"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?"
Isaiah 43:19

Encountering inspiration feels like stumbling upon a hidden treasure in our lives, and that's exactly the joy I discovered during our December trip to Cuba.

Daily challenges for the Cuban people, verging on what might be termed 'impossibilities', remain tangible. Yet, beyond these hurdles, there's a profound sense that the Lord is orchestrating something new and powerful.

We were inspired as visit after visit with pastors, churches and their communities allowed us to see what God was doing and what He is calling them to for this new year.

We're eager to share some of this inspiration below. Why? Because your partnership and generosity in helping provide materials & donations to intentionally make a significant impact for the many evangelistic outreaches held during the Christmas season played a crucial role in this moment of inspiration. Moreover, together, we have a remarkable opportunity in 2024 to amplify this harvest. Take a look!

Churches are growing like never before, some have had to start knocking down inside walls to allow for the growth. One "house" church plant is looking to move from their house to a larger space in their neighborhood due to the people God is calling to Himself. Below see how they gathered on Christmas Day to celebrate His coming together.

Numerous awe-inspiring testimonies unfolded before us, where prayers were not only heard by God but faithfully answered. From providing T-shirts for a group serving weekly meals to the less fortunate, a random last-minute donation miraculously manifested a pair of shoes in response to a mother's plea to God for her son, an outing for mother and special needs daughter, provision of a Christmas tree, a long awaited diagnosis for a little boy needing special attention for autism, to the 'first time ever' having a present to open for 2 little girls. Each story resonates with the profound impact of answered prayers.