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These words Dharma (with big smile) spoke as she started what would end up being a 10 week stay in the dirty city maternity ward. In Cuba, when anything doesn’t fall between the normal margins over the course of a woman’s pregnancy, they will place the mothers-to-be into State maternity wards to monitor them and their baby.

This is exactly what happened to Dharma. These places are hard to stay in for many reasons,
some basics: daily food &, the safety of your personal belongings. One trip to bathroom, with no friend to "watch", and you could lose your belongings in a heartbeat.

Dharma did find her friend and as God would have it. Her kindness through generous actions of sharing food and hygiene items, allowed her to quickly gain the opportunity to share her love for, and faith in, Jesus. Over the weeks this new friend did accept the Lord and Dharma used her time of waiting in the maternity ward to disciple her and others.

The day came when both did give birth to healthy babies. Dharma’s newly saved friend lived way out into the countryside, and Dharma searched for a nearby church or believers that could provide a place for her friend to grow in Christ. She asked a Christian leader in a town not too far away from this new believing mom, if she would follow up and invite her and her family to church.

Well, as if it were in Bible times, that visit was made, and wouldn't you know, before she had left, 7 family members also received Jesus as their personal Savior. This whole family, new in their faith, travel each Sunday worship at the small country church. And all this came from one simple need and heart cry for just one friend.

Getting to hear this amazing testimony from Dharma makes me wonder what area of need and
vulnerability might the Lord want to use in your and my life to reach others and turns lives onto a new and life-changing path?


“For it is God who works IN YOU BOTH TO WILL & TO DO for His good pleasure”


God answers above and beyond the need.

Life can get so complicated, so quickly! The “Why’s?” and “What lessons does God have for me in this?” aren’t always easy to figure out. But don’t you love those moments in your walk with God when the truths of His Word become such a reality in your life. Such is the case for us in regard to the truth God gives us in Phil 2:13.

The cry He put in our hearts for the church leaders in Cuba was “Lord, help us do more!”
The above video and testimonies show how God’s goodness came through once again.



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