Trusting Him when there are no details

Do we really trust Him?

This trip into Cuba was one of those God teaching times … especially since He withheld most of the plans. The details were so absent that at times all you could do was laugh … because if we hadn’t been laughing we might have been cowering in fear. It was one of those places God took me to literally bring to life the reality of how the children of Israel must have felt when God told them to follow the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire at night. When I move … you move! What we knew was that we were to be a part of 4 women’s conferences … but other than that, we got no advance agenda, no prior briefings, no outline of how long each conference would be. It was … when I move, get ready to follow.

After my initial “conversation” with God on this way of doing things, it actually felt great to just lean back …. but at the same time … lean in … lean into Him and know that He had this.

So day after day we just followed. “Choffer can’t make it” … no problem … “taxi being called” … perfectly fine …. no idea of the name of the church or the person we are meeting? … lean in Kathy … its not in the city we were told and the taxi is taking us to another city … just trust ….. He has got this. And so time after time, day after day, as we just leaned into Him and His plan, God brought us face to face with His divine appointments.

He gave opportunities to share Christ with a taxi driver, encourage young leaders, see Him working among lending libraries, special needs kids, grief counseling, and small groups of women. It is always amazing to see how God and His Word opens each life bringing healing out of brokenness and hope into everyday lives.

Women gathered, enjoying what it truly means to be vulnerable with each other, and confident of His grace poured out daily in their lives.

Thank you!  It was so reassuring and comforting to know that you and so many others were praying for me during this time in Cuba.  

Missions Conferences

We have had the privilege to have been at 4 different missions conferences over the past 6 weeks (2 in Alabama and 2 in Tennessee).  It has been amazing to share all of what God is up to in Cuba & the Bahamas, and also hear of His handiwork all over His world.  One thing we have loved seeing is how kids are being encouraged to be aware and involved in missions from a very young age.

The kids & teens at these conferences participated through flag carrying, learning of God at work in different cultures, cake decorating and also putting pen to paper with the end goal of encouraging and connecting with missionaries.  This is the next generation to “pray”, “send” and/or “go”.