APRIL 2016: We can’t wait to join God again in what He is doing in Cuba

What does it take to really get you happy and excited?  A phone call from a loved one perhaps, a nice raise in pay or timely recognition for goals achieved at work. Reality is, that we all get excited over different things.  You probably would agree with me that everyone likes, even needs, those moments or days that leave you excited on the inside.  We had one of those special moments just recently when we read an email from former graduates who are now our co-workers in Cuba. They had sent us a report on the new pastoral and youth leadership training they are doing.  Amazing stuff.

What made us even more elated was the news that these courses are having an impact in the eastern part of Cuba, places we were not able to reach in the first phase of ministry there.  Kathy and I can’t wait to visit them at the end of April and May, and see first hand how God is graciously and wonderfully multiplying the work there.


Please pray for our upcoming trip, that God would use our time in Cuba to encourage our national co-workers and support them in their training efforts.