NOVEMBER 2015 – NICARAGUA Prayer & Praise


  • Wisdom as we come alongside ministry organisations that together we might be stronger and see greater progress for Christ’s Kingdom both in Nicaragua and other surrounding countries.
  • As we near the end of 2015, pray with us regarding provision and partnering with us towards our own personal financial needs, for the Cuba ministry needs as well as the ongoing Nicaraguan ministry needs.
  • Pray for jobs for many of the men that we work with.  They desire to provide for their families and yet work is so scarce.  They need secure, consistent work.
  • Pray for Olivia & Jared (our son and daughter in law). They are 6 weeks away from the birth of their second child.  We are praying for a birth this side of 2015 🙂
  • Not sure if you are aware, but as we (and many other serving overseas) head into the season of “Thanksgiving”, it can be one of the most difficult times for us to be away from family.  Pray that God will fill these voids and times of longing with Himself and other “tangible” people to share these special times with.


What an amazing trip to Cuba.  We praise Him for openings for a 2nd phase of work alongside Cuban church leaders.

We are thankful for an amazing time of refreshment at a PTM Conference (Pastors to Missionaries) in Black Mountain, NC.  God used this time in our lives to show us that “He alone is our spacious place” (Psalm 18:19).   It has also given us a new focus in helping care for other missionaries in need of renewal.