NOVEMBER 2015: CUBA – 2nd phase

d17df2c0-4da1-4707-a87f-ea388ae8e2cbCuba:  Plans For 2nd Phase

Thanks to all who prayed for our recent follow up trip into Cuba.  It was a great success as we got to catch up with a large percentage of our graduate class in their respective cities.  They encouraged us deeply with testimonies of God at work powerfully in churches, youth retreats and other summer outreaches.  On the flip side, all this hard work had left many exhausted and at their wits end, so we were honoured to get to serve and bless them with love, encouragement and prayer.

One of the purposes of this trip was also to obtain video footage for a new ministry video.  God used our incredible videography team as they took footage of the spectacular location, testimonies of leaders and many other photo opportunities – those things that a professional is trained to catch.  We are thankful to Robert & Ashley for giving of their talents to make this “upcoming” video possible.

db5c21a9-ac21-4cbc-a4b7-fcfc15f3ebbfCollaboration:  We Value This!
It’s an amazing thing to work and be faithful to the Lord in what He has entrusted to you.  It can be an even more awesome thing when you get to help someone else in their journey.  We’ve seen God moving and using us lately as we collaborate with new organizations.  What a privilege to lead several days of theological reflections on missions for the Central American directors of Young Life. This dynamic & innovative group loved the opportunity to strengthen and refresh their biblical anchor of why they do what they do.

e002f1f9-66e0-4afc-a580-ca682d124b5c-1Synergy Summit:  Guatemala.

This was a city transformational network from across the Globe – sharing ideas and planting seeds for hope, forgiveness and peace in the ever alarming cities we live in.

Good News For Hurting Believers

Normally when we think of the Gospel we automatically connect it to the needs of the lost – it being their only hope for Salvation.  In recent weeks as we have sat in different believer’s homes, listened to their exhausted, wavering and even crushed hearts, we have grown to also appreciate how the Gospel so powerfully relates to those who know Him as Saviour.  When faced with difficult realities & struggles, such as marital problems, depression, unemployment, aggravated assault, home invasions, caring for terminally ill parents, one has to first have empathy and compassion, but then we also speak of hope – the “Good News”, to help each one keep going and lift their heads up once again.  There is such a need for a “safe place” to be heard or to cry.  Many times a quick fix or answer is not an option and it is especially then, that we find that this promise of “Emmanuel” (God with us) is the Rock we, and they, rest on and cling to, as we walk alongside them in very hard places.

d6401561-4398-4eb2-b351-982d07451c77Our heart’s desire is that this same “Emmanuel” is with YOU as you read this and also face the daily challenges of your own lives.

Community moms struggling in very hard places.