Cuba – Service & Learning Teams

Service blog 1Service & Learning Teams Leave a Lasting Impression

 It never ceases to amaze us – the variety and beauty of the individuals that make up the teams. During the past month, individuals, families, churches, schools and nursing students were all impacted & blessed by how the teams loved and ministered to them.

God’s love and grace was shared in tangible ways from teaching nursing students how to take someone’s blood pressure,  building barbwire fences, evangelistic puppet shows and building families new homes to live in.

Service blog 2

Ultimately the greatest blessing came from the relationships and new friendships that were formed as we all joined side by side with the Nicaraguan people.

One such new friendship led to our bus driver, Fabio, coming to faith in Christ. He was impacted and drawn to the faith, humility, love and sacrifice he saw in the lives of our teams and Nicaraguan believers, that He wanted to know Christ personally.

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