MAY 2016 – Reasons For Praise

1.  Words Well Worth Reading from the Cuban Students

“This course has showed me that I, as a pastor, have become insensitive to those close to me that truly need Christ.”

“When we started confessing our struggles with each other, it allowed me to open myself up as well ……”

“I was impacted to see the testimonies of believers in other countries (Guatemala and Nicaragua) that have reached out to those in poverty, brokenness and chaotic places ….. we don’t do that well here in Cuba.”

“I have sensed Jesus, alive, in a way I have not seen or felt Him in a long time.”

“Reaching the least, the last and the lost makes me afraid.  This goal is difficult, but I know God wants me to reach out to those that don’t know Him.  I realise I can’t keep making excuses, there are broken people at every corner.”

“The food has been great” – there is always one 🙂

2.  Opportunity to teach a group of 25 YWAM leaders and share the sessions with our Nicaraguan co-worker, Hultner, and Cuban graduate, Heber.


Training with YWAM Cuba

3.  18 …. 19 …. 20 ….  

18 years since arriving in Nicaragua; year 19 was language learning in Costa Rica; 20 years back is when most of you joined our “support/mission team”.  As we look back on this, it is mind boggling for us to think of God’s faithfulness, and of your faithfulness year after year, month after month.  Truly we are humbled to walk this road alongside each of you as we serve Him together.