FEBRUARY 2016 – Discipleship

Discipleship…… What is it really?  

For some it might be a class you attend on Sunday night at your local church.  You join a small group on a certain topic that seems relevant & helpful enough to where everyone is in life.  That is a pretty good concept of discipleship, at least a pretty good start to it….. but, we have found that God often has way more in mind when it comes to discipleship.

One such case involves our journey alongside Guismark, a young man who is the son of a precious Nicaraguan leader.  Guismark definitely enjoys those moments when we can sit down and study the Word together.  He likes to share with me the questions of his faith and the stands he takes for Christ when he is surrounded by his peers.  But the real closeness comes when we just “share life” together, the struggles and the victories and celebrations.  Recently Kathy & I got to do just this at Guismarck’s high school graduation.


It was a day of big smiles and much giving of praise to God for this accomplishment.  Since then, Guismarck has reached higher goals as he sets his sights on becoming a computer engineer.  In January, he was the first person in his entire family (ever) to pass his university entrance exam and has been accepted into the engineering program in Managua.  He is trusting that God will provide for this next step of his education, as step by step, his dreams become a reality.  We are thankful for the moments of “discipleship” through the journey of walking alongside people.