BAHAMAS – at a glance


10 Interesting Facts For You To Know.

#1. The Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is an island country. The Bahamas became a British Crown colony in 1718, when the British clamped down on piracy.

#2. ‘Lynden O’ became the country’s first prime minister after it gained independence on 10th July 1973.

 New Providence is a populated island in the Bahamas with a population over two hundred thousand.

#3. Only 30 of the total 700 islands in the Bahamas are inhabited, by its population of 327,316 people (est.2016)

#4. The Bahamas has the world’s third largest registry of ships.

#5. There is no income or sales tax for Bahamas residents. Majority of the government revenue comes from tariffs and import fees.

#6. While the country drives on the left, you can surprisingly find some cars with steering on the left side while some with steering on the right side.

#7. Religion is an important part of Bahamian life.  As of 2000, at least 90% of the population claimed religious affiliation, and most accounts indicated that these were generally active participants, with Baptists comprising about 35%.  #8. During the 1980s, the island became an established site for the drug trade. Reportedly, almost 90% of the cocaine entered the United States passing through the Bahamas.

#9. Tourism makes about 40-45% of the nation’s economy. It has excellent beaches, flora, fauna and many recreational and resort facilities.

#10. Export was $880 million (2016 est.) lobster, aragonite, crude salt, polystyrene products.